Bridge, Lee's fourth
release in 4 years

“The music of Lee Palmer is perhaps best described as a mix of blues, country, jazz, folk and Americana. But above all it is very good music, Lee Palmer played his songs with conviction. This is an interpreter we believe every word and every sentence.” – Rudolph’s Music Reviews

Canadian guitarist and songwriter Lee Palmer’s fourth album in as many years is a mixture of Americana and blues featuring some of the best session players in Toronto, affectionately known as “The One Take Players” for Palmer’s recordings.

Recorded at famed Metalworks studio and produced by Palmer and Elmer Ferrer, the album tracks were written and intended for release in 2016 but Palmer’s plans were sidelined by quadruple bypass surgery. Not one to slow down, Palmer quickly recuperated and headed straight into the studio to record the album.

Lee Palmer’s previous releases received many positive reviews from critics around the world, landed in heavy rotation on satellite radio, including being one of the top 10 most played albums for 11 consecutive months, as well as campus and community radio and speciality radio shows.

“This collection of songs pays tribute to ‘My Town’ and ‘My Old Man’. It also tips a hat to the late JJ Cale’s musical career with ‘Tulsa Sound’ and Glen Campbell’s fight with Alzheimer’s in ‘That’s No Way to Go’. This album forms the musical bridge that allows me to travel between the many genres that have influenced my writing”, says Palmer.

With ten original tracks, Bridge is another unique recording from Lee Palmer.